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Compare two (2) form values and see if they're the same (Rated 0)

A form with 2 textboxes which on submit using JavaScript will check the values are the same. If the values don't match the form will prompt the user that the values are different, else it will submit the form.

Submitted on 06-01-2006 8:39 by MattK

Clear a textfield when a user clicks on it (Rated 0)

A textbox is displayed with some default text - in this example "Enter keyword here...". When the user clicks on the text field the default text disappears. Easy enough.

Submitted on 06-01-2006 8:35 by MattK

Validate form fields for no input with JavaScript (Rated 0)

Checking that form fields have input is extremely important - having this performed before the form is submitted, client side, before its handled by anything at the backend such as an SQL or MS Access database, is vital and an additional factor in getting accurate input.

Submitted on 25-02-2003 0:09 by Devscripts

Add to favorites button (Rated 0)

This will display a button on your site, which when pressed will add your site to the favorites menu

Submitted on 25-02-2003 0:09 by Devscripts

Disallow Multiple Click on Submit (Rated 0)

This will not let your visitors click on a submit button multiple times

Submitted on 24-02-2003 12:13 by Devscripts

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