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Recipez- PHP Recipe Script (Rated 0)

Want to run your own recipe website, just like, or Recipez 2.0 is a full-fledged Web 2.0 php recipe script which you can get running in no time. Peopple can submit new recipes, rate / review existing ones, network with each other and many more. In right hands, this software can be turned into a great revenue generating asset.

Submitted on 07-04-2010 13:37 by fme321

PHP Autoloader (Rated 0)

Easy to use Autoloader Implementation.

Submitted on 22-12-2009 12:29 by malkusch

Recipe site script (Rated 0)

A great PHP recipe script, allowing you to effortlessly create your own recipe website. With over 40,000 recipes, an admin panel, and built in adsense, this script should be checked out today!

Submitted on 13-08-2008 19:11 by buymyscripts

SupportPRO SupportDesk Web Based helpdesk software (Rated 0)

SupportPRO SupportDesk 3.0 is a customizable web based helpdesk for complete customer support management. This open source software and Supports unlimited users, staff, departments, companies. Main features include email piping,POP3/SMTP support, integrated knowledge base, multiple themes, spam blocker, admin reports, reply templates etc..

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:46 by iScripts

iScripts EasyWebSurvey -Free online survey script (Rated 0)

iScripts EasyWebSurvey is a simple but powerful script to conduct online surveys. This open source software can be installed on your server and create your questionnaire .You can send out unlimited number of respondents. Create professional, multi page surveys on your website for market research.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:45 by iScripts

iScripts EasyIndex - Business directory Script (Rated 0)

iScripts EasyIndex is an open source Business Directory Script, which is configurable and user friendly. It is self-administered and supports products and services, banners and logos. Business Directory Script can be the best choice for regional or vertical Business Directories and also suits the requirements of small and medium Yellow Pages.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:44 by iScripts

iScripts MultiCart -Multi vendor shopping cart (Rated 0)

Unique shopping cart supports multiple vendors with a single storefront. Start your Virtual mall or drop ship business integrated with the payment gateways, Paypal, 2checkout and Google Checkout. Items can be shipped by the sellers directly. Supports unlimited sellers, users, categories, products and comes with multiple themes

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:43 by iScripts

iScripts eSwap - Online swapping platform software (Rated 0)

iScripts eSwap is an online complete swapping platform allowing you to create your own online swap meet web site. Your clients can swap things similar to swapmeet, with an integrated escrow. They can sell and buy items from site too. It supports and paypal payment gateways along with the offline payment methods

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:42 by iScripts

iScripts EasySnaps - Smart Image Hosting Script (Rated 0)

iScripts EasySnaps is an open source image hosting/photo sharing script with the features like image editing , customizable payment plans for users, image and folder descriptions, a demonstration mode for showing potential customers what they will get, automatic thumbnails, etc... Offer photo hosting service for consumers as a free service or paid service . Supports, Paypal, 2checkout and Google Checkout payment Gateways.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:41 by iScripts

iScripts EasyCreate - Private label online web site builder (Rated 0)

Start your own turnkey website building service with iScripts EasyCreate. Your clients can create their web site up and running in minutes with this open source builder, with a number of professional templates.. This is ideal for hosting companies and virtual communities or as a stand alone business. It supports the payments through Paypal, 2Checkout, LinkPoint, and Google Checkout payment gateways and unlimited users.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:40 by iScripts

iScripts EasyBiller -Online Billing and Customer Manager for service businesses (Rated 0)

iScripts EasyBiller is an online account manager and billing software for service businesses. Your customers can signup online and pay you online. It support recurring and one time billing. Ideal for, web design, IT support, day cares or any service business to manage online billing. Supports the payment through credit card and offline methods.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:38 by iScripts

iScripts AutoHoster - Web Host Management Solution (Rated 0)

iScripts Autohoster is a unique server software to start your own web hosting business in minutes . Supports account management, online payments through, paypal and Yourpay, automated billing, invoicing, recurring billing, domain management panel eNom API support etc.. It comes with an integrated helpdesk and website builder.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:37 by iScripts

Webcam Recorder for cummunity sites – (Rated 0)

Recording and playing webcam clips for community sites. Easy to deploy and use. Fascinating tool to drive, life, and freshness to your community - you will never want to remove it once you try.

Submitted on 15-03-2007 11:22 by Skalfa

vCart Pro - shopping cart for ecommerce internet stores (Rated 0)

vCart Pro makes ecommerce easy with powerful, flexible & easy to use shopping cart software.

Submitted on 16-11-2006 20:54 by talash

Ask4Help - Faq Manager (Rated 0)

Ask4help is a web-based FAQ manager which means that it can be used and customized to create a support area for your visitors and customers.This way you save a lot of time because you will maintain the same amount of support without too much hassle.

Submitted on 05-10-2006 14:03 by phpsugar

SkaDate Online Dating Software 5.0 (Rated 0)

Most featured, stable meanwhile flexible, secure and fully customizable online dating software. Rewritten from scratch, great and stable platform.

Submitted on 31-08-2006 8:05 by Skalfa (Rated 0)

Word Site Builder Software is a script to create word-cloud sites like and You can use this software to create word-cloud sites in any niche area and sell words for a fee. It includes useful features like bulk word import, payment management, advertisement management, etc. We provide free installation, turn-key implementation and script customization service.

Submitted on 06-07-2006 8:55 by talash

TG Referrers (Rated 0)

Automatically tracks referrers to your website. It is completely customizable with detailed statistical analysis, an approval system, secure administration control panel and best of all - its FREE!

Submitted on 11-03-2006 23:00 by toxicgoblin

Jay Library (Rated 5)

An Open Source (LGPL) collection of classes - based on common design patterns - for php 5 developers.

Submitted on 05-03-2006 23:01 by komakino77

Amortization Schedule Calculator (Rated 0)

Help your website visitors calculate their loan repayments with this FREE loan calculator and amortization schedule calculator.

Submitted on 02-12-2005 8:22 by amortcalc

Aplus Web Counter (Rated 0)

Aplus Web Counter

Submitted on 29-06-2005 16:32 by abacus

Mortgage Calculator Plus (Rated 5)

Free online graphical calculator designed to calculate mortgage repayments.

Submitted on 02-02-2005 20:53 by mortcalcplus

Dynamic Error Pages (Rated 5)

A dynamic PHP script which returns different error messages depending on the error received. The script will also send an e-mail to your e-mail address with the time, error received, requested page and the page they came from. (Optional).

Submitted on 29-07-2004 3:38 by sabreweb

British Summer Time? (BST) (Rated 4)

This PHP function will let you know if we are currently in British Summer Time. Sounds useless doesn't it. Trust me, it has some uses. For example some British hosting companies keep their servers set to GMT and do not adjust for BST. The reason being is that it would be unfair on their international clients. Fair enough.

Submitted on 07-04-2004 9:38 by Devscripts

Numbered Code Highlighter (Rated 5)

This will hightlight the php code and number each line

Submitted on 26-06-2003 19:27 by darkobjects

LATEstatus (Rated 0)

This script uses the fsockopen() function to check the current status of any server by IP address or URL. You can also specify the port number to check.

Submitted on 07-05-2003 13:17 by Olate

Shoutcast or AIM etc Online Status (Rated 0)

This shows if your shoutcast radio station or instant messenger is online.

Submitted on 28-04-2003 21:28 by Devscripts

Number of days between now and a date (Rated 4)

Basically shows the number of days between now and a date in the future. A bit like a countdown in days to an event.

Submitted on 19-03-2003 23:18 by Devscripts

Display Copyright information (Rated 0)

This will display copyright information at the bottom of your site.

Submitted on 25-02-2003 0:09 by Devscripts

Check to see if a remote file exists (Rated 0)

This little code snippet shows how you can check to see if a remote file exists before trying to download it.

Submitted on 25-02-2003 0:09 by Devscripts

Display the current date (Rated 0)

Will display the current date

Submitted on 13-02-2003 15:37 by Devscripts

PHP Information (Rated 4.1)

This will show you all your information about your PHP install

Submitted on 12-02-2003 22:29 by Devscripts

Highlight PHP Code (Rated 4.71)

This will HIGHLIGHT your PHP code for displaying

Submitted on 12-02-2003 22:29 by Devscripts

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