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Youtube Video Organizer Script (Rated 0)

The script utilizes the YouTube Embed Code to organize your favorite YouTube videos into custom Categories on your own website. The script automatically generates image thumbnails from the code and allows users to Upload banner Ads, Add Google Ad sense ads, create Video Channels and share videos. This module uses your site URL to share Videos. Users who receive shared videos will automatically be redirected to your site. The script also has a Video Search bar with an Auto-Suggest Feature and many more features.. The Script also comes in different color Templates.

Submitted on 22-05-2010 1:54 by java6

modelbook talent networking community (Rated 0)

Full featured open source talent, model and photographer community script. Easy html template system Paypal Subscription Friends Request/Approval Shoutout's Wall Castings/Events Fully Featured Forum Profiles Profile Approval Photo Albums MP3 Upload Zip Code Radius Search

Submitted on 03-11-2009 23:30 by rockynu

iScripts SonicBB - Free Forum software (Rated 0)

iScripts SonicBB is a free user-friendly and fully customizable bulletin board software. iScripts SonicBB has a user-friendly interface, simply and straightforward administration panel. It is based on open source PHP and MySQL database server which makes SonicBB the ideal free community solution for all web sites.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:45 by iScripts

iScripts SocialWare - Social Networking Portal Script (Rated 0)

iScripts SocialWare is a customizable, user friendly, open source social networking script with customizable features like blogs, albums, gift shop, classifieds ,multilevel administrations , video support, music support, search etc. Start your own social networking site in minutes or add viral community traffic to your existing web site.

Submitted on 31-10-2007 10:39 by iScripts

doop (Rated 0)

Easy to use Website Creation and Management Software

Submitted on 05-01-2007 16:16 by doopcms

TG Who's Online (Rated 0)

A very simple script to show the number of users online on your website.

Submitted on 11-03-2006 23:01 by toxicgoblin

.premodded (Rated 0)

.Premodded is premodded version phpBB.

Submitted on 26-06-2005 20:14 by abcde

Ultra secure shoutbox lite (Rated 4.4)

OK written this tiny shoutbox (under 30 lines of code). Features: - :) to Image converter - Swear filter - Ultra Secure - Flood Control - IP Banning - CSS for customisation All in under 30 lines of code including the form and CSS styles!!

Submitted on 05-09-2003 17:16 by Devscripts

Users Online (Rated 0)

Shows the amount of users online at a time

Submitted on 08-08-2003 17:35 by Devscripts

Add a Member to a Users Database (Rated 5)

This is a simple example of how you can add users to a database to allow them to register to see various area's of your site.

Submitted on 20-03-2003 12:37 by Devscripts

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