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Recipez- PHP Recipe Script (Rated 0)


Want to run your own recipe website, just like, or We've got a perfect software to fulfill your requirements and get you running in no time.
Recipez 2.0 is the ultimate solution for starting your own recipe portal or search engine just like the big sites as mentioned above, without getting into hassle of custom development etc. Yes, you can own this software at very affordable price.
Why run a recipe portal website?
Recipes are a hot topic today. People are searching for information online more and more as global internet traffic increases. The market for online recipe portal is continously growing and so is the cash amount which these big boys like, and make.
Why Recipez 2.0?
We offer you the latest features and concepts of Web 2.0 which no other script or software out there is offering as of now. We have special orientation on Social networking features - different members can be friends with each other, exchange messages, rate / review recipes. So visiting such websites becomes the daily habit of the user and we engage one time visitor to become a loyal visitor which means you earn more impressions + clicks on ads per visit.
* Captcha and email activation for spam prevention
* User submitted recipes
* Recipe listing with various filters
* Recipe fields configurable from admin
* Users can upload multiple pictures for a recipe
* Easy Image upload and Auto-Thumb generation
* Post reviews on recipes
* Rate recipes
* Refer recipe to friend
* Share recipes with social services, including Facebook, Twitter, email, Digg, and 40+
* Cookbook functionality for users to organize their favorite recipes
* Newsletter system to send emails to subscribers / members
* Messaging system for users to communicate with each other
* Tag cloud
* Follow other users like twitter
* SEO friendly URLs
* RSS for feed for latest recipes
* RSS feeds for each category
* Blog
* Uses can favorite any recipe
* Ad rotation system
* Advanced search to search recipes by various criteria
* Print Recipes
* Users can report violation to admin
* Chefs page to see all users of websites Ranking of chefs by Top Reviewers, Top Recipe Submitter, Top Photo Submitter
* Easy slider to view multiple pics of the recipe
* Interactive user profile page
* 2 free of cost themes to choose from
Admin Features
* Website stats on dashboard
* Configure database details from web based panel
* Configure website admin details like admin user, password, email etc..
* Configure website settings like moderation on recipes, reviews etc..
* Add additional recipe fields
* Configure all outgoing emails
* Theme management
* Manage ads, banners etc..
* Blocks users
* Send newsletters
* Manage categories/subcategories for recipes
* Manage Recipes- view/edit/publish/unpublish etc..
* Manage Reviews- view/edit/publish/unpublish etc..
* Manage additional recipe images- /publish/unpublish/delete
* Manage Comments posted on blog- view/edit/publish/unpublish
* Add blog post
Server Requirements
* MySQL (version 4 or above)
* PHP (version 4 or above)
* Ioncube Loaders
* Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
* Support for cron jobs (for crawlers)

Code starts here

class RecipesController extends AppController {

$name = 'Recipes';

Submitted by fme321 on 07-04-2010 13:37

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