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dotSilver Partner (Rated 0)


DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. We delivered the software with the simplest and smoothest yet funny user experience with a serious wonders-at-your-feet technical background working with the shared database.
This product is created for those webmasters (companies and individuals) who want to launch a dating site (normally, installed within 10 minutes) working with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites.
Software features:
<li>Audio/Video Live Flash Chat and Instant Messenger;
<li>Secure double blind messaging system;
<li>Search by location, US zip codes, cities worldwide, username, keywords, profile details;
<li>Remembered search preferences;
<li>All countries/states/cities in the world, and US zip codes;
<li>Powerful articles, news and advertisement management systems as options;
<li>Optional Silver Membership;
<li>Friendly member home page;
<li>Centralized inadvisable email services hint;
<li>Search engine friendly members browse system;
<li>Anti-autosubmit system;
<li>Windows hosting support;
<li>Smooth and the easiest possible installation and configuration suite;
<li>Dynamic permissions diagram;
<li>Scam/Spam report;
<li>Bookmarks, blocklist;
<li>"See who bookmarked you" for Gold Members;
<li>Tell a friend, send profile to a friend.
Upcoming features:
Advanced full-featured Links Exchange script.

Code starts here

Submitted by Skalfa on 08-06-2006 9:17

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