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TG Referrers (Rated 0)



Secure administration control panel - completely manage your referrals without editing text files

Approval System - you control what sites display on your trade list (keep the spammers out!)

Customizable - completely customize your website referrers - including a short list, random list, and full list.

Activity Logging - ban log and approval log

Quick Links - One-click approval, ban and un-ban

Detailed referral statistics - see exactly where the traffic is coming from

Aliases - Give all your sites friendly names with ease

CSS integration - simply apply a CSS stlye name to change the display of your referrals list

Alignment - control the alignment of each column of referral data independantly

Tracking Days - easily change the number of days to track referrals

Traffic - show incoming and outcoming hits to your site

Code starts here

Automatically tracks referrers to your website. Click the download link below.

Submitted by toxicgoblin on 11-03-2006 23:00

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