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PHPfileNavigator (Rated 5)


Its main characteristic is the possibility of handling of files as if it was from a window of the graphical manager of an operating system teaching the content of the hard disk.

You can view a demo version in this URL and to discover all the possibilities that to you this application offers. User and password guest/guest.

At the moment he is available for unloading to version 1.6.4, but one is continuously to work for his improvement and extension.

His most importants features are the nexts:

Version 1.6.4

* Allowed integration in other enviromments
* Improved the file config load
* Fixed problem in exit page
* New filetype icons (Total 91)
* More information in bad access mail
* Fixed check if a file is editable in uppercase
* Improved code in additional information window
* Changed name to session var

Version 1.6.3

* DHTML to cut a image
* Improved the image quality
* Fixed search problem in file indexed
* Allow view images without web access
* Improved functions in data/include/class_niveles.php
* Added new texts in languages
* Beginning of a very deep code optimization
* Rename some files language folder

Version 1.6.2

* Fixed change name with not allowed text.
* Autocompletion file name when rename (file extension)

Version 1.6.1

* Added commentary in config file
* Fixed error messages in data/include/class_imaxes.php to invalid images
* Added paginate in the foot file list
* Fixed problem in array_merge on data/include/class_conf.php
* Added session_write_close to avoid Header without to save session

Version 1.6.0 (A hard work)

* Changes in users and roots administration are instantaneous
* Very improved users and check control access (Very different from previous version)
* Fixed problem to keep session on exit
* Improved session control and added encription in temporal session files
* Very improved and optimized installer code

Version 1.5.9

* Added french language (Thanks Frédéric Soultanem)
* Fixed lost session without cookies in one admin page
* Added new icons (Total 88)
* Fixed application exit (sair.php)
* Modified check_nome function in data/include/
* Best remote URL download
* Added folder download in zip format (EasyZIP class version 1.0) Commentary in: /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=76
* Little modify in root administration
* Fixed bad key in language texts in data/idiomas/X/ "axuda_txt_renombrar" -> "axuda_txt_renomear"
* Added german language (Thanks Andreas Müller)

Version 1.5.8

* Best installer that allow installation according to version
* Best users control
* Best IIS compatibility
* Fixed var definition duplicated in data/include/class_niveles.php
* Fixed and improved root and users administration
* Allow exit without destroy session (To integrate in other utility)
* Create a .htaccess with each root to protect additional info files
* Improved .htaccess and .htpasswd creation
* Improved check_nome function in data/include/formatear.php
* New file type icons (Total 85)

Version 1.5.7

* Changes in users and roots amdinistration
* Changes in the directory path control
* Added .htpasswd protection by web
* Languages corrections
* Fixed relative path of images in the administration
* Fixed size limit in the files upload forms
* Fixed problem with a "+" symbol in the file/directory name

Version 1.5.6

* Fixed problem in the max size by root administration

Version 1.5.5

* Added italian language (Thanks Cri)
* Added limit of size for the roots
* Instalation languages are changed of directory

Version 1.5.4

* Little change in data/include/formatear.php
* Added alert of max size exceeded when upload a file
* Fixed problem in the installer (it lacked a file to include)

Version 1.5.3

* Review english language
* Deleted not used function in data/include/class_conf.php
* Fixed problem in root administration
* Added dutch language (Thanks robgeelen)

Version 1.5.2

* Fixed class in readdir function on data/include/
* Changes in configuration file data/conf/
* Changes in file/folder name check in data/include/formatear.php
* Fixed file name with spaces when download
* Fixed in data/include/class_indexador.php with problems with tables lock
* Fixed in data/include/class_accions.php when save an edited file

Version 1.5.1

* Best control in MySQL error log
* Fixed passing by reference in classes
* MySQL table blocked in queries, updates and inserts
* Changes in .htaccess
* Little modify the installer

Version 1.5.0

* More control over actions execute
* More perms changes over the actions
* Modify sort in tree view
* Little modifications in class_inc.php
* Little modifications in class_niveles.php
* Little modifications in class_usuarios.php

Version 1.4.9

* Modify function to obtain files and directories size
* Added not allowed access control
* Installer modify
* Modify in gd2 control in class_imaxes.php
* Modify in zlib control in
* Create and delete control in temporal files

Version 1.4.8

* Added allow obtain the total directory size
* Fixed passing by reference (It could be obsolete in the future)

Version 1.4.7

* Added control to paths locations
* Link action correction

Version 1.4.6

* Added access control to files .inc.php
* Little changes in HTML code

Version 1.4.5

* Added auto-installer in galician, spanish and english

Version 1.4.4

* Correction in duplicate data to data base access
* Addwed new file type icons

Version 1.4.3

* English language added
* Correction for optimization in class_indexador forrecursiva indexing
* Correción in wide of layers for the window of additional information

Version 1.4.2

* Changes in class_inc.php to create description screen
* Delete and changes in mysql indexed tables

Version 1.4.1

* Little change in link to directories from search result
* Optimization in query of file search
* Little change in class_arbore.php
* Correction in the search results
* Add Indexing administration

Version 1.4.0

* Of experimental way one has added to the indexador and finder

Version 1.3.4

* Increased control in name of files and directories

Version 1.3.3

* Correction in return of the name of the file of additional information
* Correction in the return of registries despues of a consultation
* Correction error in the screen of famous
* Added the option to index for directories
* Corrected control of additional files for directories
* Corrected differences in the files of languages

Version 1.3.2

* Floating change in menu to work with CSS
* Correction in commentaries on the actions

Version 1.3.1

* Correction in the count of size for the tree screen
* To allow to store remote documents
* It allows to annul the unloading if the document is very extensive

Version 1.3.0

* To allow packed document unloading (gzip)
* Request correction of icon for file in class_imaxes.php
* New icons for types of files, Total: 69 extensions;)

Version 1.2.0

* Edition of files type text, configurables

Version 1.1.1

* Mark of color on line
* Icons with transparent bottom
* Changes in the configuration files

Version 1.1.0

* Change in distribution of directories
* Change system generation of auxiliary files
* Change in upload and creation of directories
* Improvement security in actions on directories
* New own icons

Version 1.0.1

* It allows to root change
* Improvements in the administration

Version 1.0.0

* Navigation by the system of files.
* It allows to the creation of directories or upload of files.
* It allows to actions on the files and directories like moving, copying, to renombrar, to eliminate, to unload...
* It allows to the creation of hidden files with additional information on any directory or file.
* It allows the creation of images in miniature for greater others.
* It allows to the visualization of the content of the directories in tree form, teaching single the directories or all the content.
* It allows the arrangement by type of file, name, date or weight.
* It allows formable pagination to avoid excess of weight of the pages.
* It teaches an icon different for each type from file.
* It allows to visualize in list the images in miniature.
* It allows to see the content of a file if not image.
* It allows the configuration for several languages.
* It allows the configuration of several directories root, each one of them with his file of configurations and language.
* It allows to an administration of users and root trought Web.
* Simple installation and implementation in another system when using a control of relative routes and file of configuration of routes.

If you see that something can interest you of exposed here, you install it and you will see as if that you can take advantage of it.

Code starts here


Submitted by Lito on 29-03-2005 21:12

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