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Protection Against SQL Injection Attacks (Rated 5)


SQL Injection attacks are ways of extracting, or modifying your database without appropriate permissions.

These two functions can help you to make your scripts a little more secure.

First Function:
The majority of injection attacks require the user of single quotes to terminate an expression. By using a simple replace function and converting all single quotes to two single quotes, you're greatly reducing the chance of an injection attack succeeding.

Second Function:
Another way of exploiting scripts is to use certain characters and character sequences such as ;, --, select, insert and xp_. By removing these characters and character sequences from user input before we build a query, we can help reduce the chance of an injection attack even further.

Code starts here


function stripQuotes($strWords)
$strWords = str_replace("''", "'", $strWords)
$strWords ;

$badChars = array("select", "drop", ";", "--", "insert", "delete", "xp_") ;

str_replace() ;
$badChars as $current)
$strWords = str_replace($current, '', $strWords);

$strWords ;


Submitted by Devscripts on 30-06-2003 13:38

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